Sunday practice and talk series RESUMES as of Oct 3 ON-SITE and ONLINE talk

with John Leon, Alice Haspray, Richard Haspray, Robert Ziegler

April 11th—November 7th

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    This series of meditation practice and public talks (begun in April) resumes on October 3 with talk #3.  Audio recordings of Talks 1 and 2 can be accessed through the links below. Teachers will recap as well.

    The Path of Individual Liberation:

    The Practice of Awareness

    Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma - Volume I

    Sundays April 11 - November 7 (no talk on October 10)

    9:30 am - 11:00 am Meditation Practice (on site)

    11:00 am - 12:30 pm Talk and Discussion (on site and ONLINE)

    Awareness is the flower of Buddhist practice, an organic outgrowth of mindfulness. As we become familiar with sitting meditation, we sense how to cultivate relaxation, as a falling away of habitual patterns and tendencies. We learn how to be without conditions. Uncovering natural clarity becomes the focus of our spirtual path and leads to deeper appreciation of being human. This seven-week series of Sunday morning talks and practice, guides students in understanding and exploring awareness as it has been taught within the Tibetan Buddhist and Shambhala traditions.


    April 11 The Freshness of Unconditional Mind

    Led by John Leon

    Audio tape:


    April 18 Beyond Picking and Choosing

    Led by Alice Haspray

    Audio tape:


    October 3 The Art of Everyday Living

    Led by Alice Haspray


    October 17 Glimpses of Emptiness

    Led by John Leon


    October 24 Investigating the Subtleties of Experience

    Led by Bob Ziegler


    October 31 Sharpening One's Perception

    Led by John Leon


    November 7 Self-Perpetuating Awareness

    Led by Richard Haspray

    Each Sunday senior students at the St. Margarets Bay Shambhala Centre will lead meditation practice, offer a talk and lead discussion. No prior exposure to Buddhism is necessary. Meditation instruction is available on request. For more information call John Leon @ 902 823 3377 or Richard Haspray @ 902 821 2239.

    Free and open to the public. Drop-ins welcomed each Sunday.

    This program is offered at the SMB Shambhala Centre or you may tune into the talk at 11am by linking into Zoom 

    Due to pandemic: Masks are required. Please continue to social distance, wash hands frequently, and sign in.

    There is a medical service dog working in the community. Please 100% ignore the service dog for the safety and indepndence of the owner. Please do not wear scented personal care products to the centre.