Maitri Bhavana

February 5th—December 3rd

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    Maitri Bhavana (meditation on loving-kindness) is offered once/month at 11:00 am during the Sunday morning Community Meditation Practice.

    Maitri Bhavana practice is used to support individuals who ae very ill, either physically or mentally. It is also a practice which brings to mind a desire to alleviate or benefit world events involving war, turmoil, strife, or natural disasters.  It includes the practice of tonglen which helps us develop a sense of generosity and compassion for the suffering of others. The practice is open to everyone and instructions and written materials are provided.

    You will find a list at the Shambhala Centre, which will be located on the cabinet to the left of the shrine room door. Please add the name of the individual, their illness, or a world event. If it is not convenient for you to add to the list at the Centre, you can email Susan Williams at [email protected] and she will update the list before the monthly practice. The list is read during the practice. You may wish to just use initials or only a first or last name if anonymity is required.

    Please email Susan or enter the name to the list at the St. Margaret Bay Shambala Centre, prior to each scheduled Maitri Bhavana practice.

    Please check the Monthly calendar for listed Maitri Bhavana practice.