Open House: Mindfulness and Enjoyment: five-week series

with Bruce Wauchope

September 17th

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    Starting on Tuesday, September 17, the St. Margarets Bay Shambhala Centre Open House (now on Tuesday evenings from 7 - 8:30 pm) offers sitting and walking meditation, followed by brief study or contemplation and discussion.

    Mindfulness and Enjoyment - a five-week series beginning Sept 17, will include a different look each week at how we approach pleasure, all the things we love and enjoy - and sometimes can't let go of.

    Mindfulness, increased through regular meditation, encourages awareness, clarity and precision, which are helpful in navigating everyday life. But how do we navigate enjoyment?  What about Facebook, chips, IPA, relationships, Netflix, etc.?  If we are more mindful, does it reduce, or enhance pleasure?

    Topics during the series:

    Passion, aggression and ignorance 

    Swimming upstream during meditation

    Indulgence and enjoyment

    Enjoying mindful relationships

    Are social media helpful or a distraction?

    No meditation experience required. Initial Meditation instruction available at 7pm every Tuesday evening. 

    Free and open to the public. Drop-ins welcomed.

    Please do not wear scented personal care products to the centre. There is a medical service dog working in the community. Please 100% ignore the service dog for the safety and independence of the owner.